Founded by an expert team that has been developing and realizing innovative equipment solutions for over 20 years, Shenzhen Fullshare Equipment Co., Ltd. (Fullshare EP) provides high-end production solutions for the photovoltaic, semiconductor, LED and environmental protection industries. We have accumulated multiple patents and recorded over 20 GW total installations since 2010, and this figure is keep growing all the time!

At Fullshare EP, its our people who really do make the difference. We have the most professional and experienced R&D team of photovoltaic manufacturing equipments in China. The members have accomplished development and applications of diffusion and PECVD systems that running in more than half amount of crystalline cell manufacturers in China mainland. And in July 2010we launched Chinas newest generation diffusion and PECVD systems, which are improved observably in performance, design, reliability and new process adaptations. The continuous further development of our successful solutions in diffusion and coating process forms the basis for our successful partnerships with the photovoltaic industry.

Our customers appreciate our production systems' process stability and availability in mass production. Also we create high-end process technology solutions which are specific for our customers and tailored to their requirements. In this way, we generate valuable competitive advantages for our customers through targeted innovations to processes and production solutions.

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